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Candidates please upload your CV online using the login forms below. Remember to read the privacy statement below first before signing in. Your CV details are sent to us securely when posted on the online CV database which is password protected behind a firewall and the preferred method of sending your CV Details to us and for our employers to view online. This is becoming an excellent method of securing a new job as many clients actively search the cv database and request details of candidates directly from their own searches.

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Remember many clients now search our online database regularly.

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example entry
Ref Number 1008697850
Name/Alias John
Job Type Permanent
Availability 3 weeks - 1 month notice
Job Title Senior Software Engineer
Main Skills Mobile Telecom's (2 years/Current), Real Time Command & Control Systems ( 5 years), C/C++(10 years/Current), Java(2 years Current), JavaScript(2 years/Current), (C/Embedded 5 years), Delphi (1 year), Pascal (3 years), Unix (10 years/Current), Windows 3.X to XP (12 years)
Total Experience (Years) 10 years commercial, 2 years academic & Research
Nationality British
Salary Now £40K + Bonus
Salary Sought £41K+
Location Sought Commutable or relocate London/South East
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