3d graphics jobs - for software engineers not graphics designers

3D Graphics jobs, this an excellent opportunity for highly qualified Software Engineers who have real enthusiasm for 3D Graphics to work for a small company at the forefront of 3D graphics technology design. These positions are open to both juniors and senior developers most probably already working in a 3D graphics development environment or researching new 3D graphics technology.

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3D graphics

What James says: Great company to work for, the teams are full of enthusiastic developers who enjoy what they do and the environment they work in. The company even provides the lunch. What more do you need?

The Job: You will be working in a small team, creating 3D Graphics device drivers, software tools/libraries, and assisting in next generation design 3D graphics, for Windows XP/2000/98/Me. The emphasis will be on delivering high performance and quality. (read high speed 3D graphics)

Immediate requirement is on finding additional software engineers for the 3D graphics driver team.

qualifications skills and experience

You will be a high achiever (Good degree and/or exceptional experience), with an enthusiasm for the field of 3D graphics.

The skills:

  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Systems programming skills (writing device drivers, programming at the hardware level)
  • 3D or video Graphics enthusiast
  • Good current 'C' programming

Also of interest:

  • Experience of implementing graphics algorithms in, for instance, a device driver or 3D graphics library (experience developing applications which use 3D graphics libraries is unlikely to be relevant).
  • A background in games development would be of interest

We always need JUNIORS that's right so contact us for details and if you have contacted us previously calls us again as we are now definitely looking.

For senior roles you must have experience of developing low-level C for 3D graphics applications.

For all positions you must ideally be domiciled in the UK unfortunately no assistance is available for work permit applications at this time (UK gov restrictions see candidate pages for details).

contact us

speak to James Hunt for more details on positions with this company and any 3D Graphics positions tel: 0845 123 2701

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application middleware developers

You will be working in a small team, working on a green fields opportunity to create window management and virtual desktop software on Windows VISTA/XP/2000. The emphasis will be on delivering ease of use and quality.

A Window manager is a middleware utility, which resides between applications and GDI intercepting window resize/movement commands, and allowing end user control of where windows and dialogues appear on the desktop. The desktop may extend across multiple monitors.

A Virtual Desktop manager is middleware, which allows the user to hot key between multiple sessions in which task oriented applications are grouped, with only the relevant applications appearing on the desktop.

Qualifications skills and experience

You will be a high achiever, with an enthusiasm for developing intuitive easy to use software.

The key skills are:

  • Application/ Windows messaging experience
  • Flare for clean intuitive GUI design
  • Ability to analyse competing products and design a best of breed solution
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Good current C/C++ programming

salaries location etc.

salary: up to £50K (More for key roles but must have project management experience)
locations: London, Surrey, Cambridge & Bristol

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