example cv a technical CV for IT software engineers programmers and developers

Whatever you call it, a resume, curriculum vitae CV etc. this is the only means by which a employment agency or employer can determine your skills and abilities. Writing a resume is a skill in itself but one that you can easily acquire, hopefully the information below and the sample resume will help you do this. If you really have a problem then why not seek professional help from one of the many companies that advertise on our site. (Please note we do not have any relationship with these companies advertising on our site nor do we recommend any company in particular)

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Important information for producing a successful CV

A CV which fails to answer questions is a CV that fails. So be exact when describing your skills and abilities, confirm the content of a Technical Summary by includingbasic rules for producing an effective CV follow these basic guidelines to guarantee writing a successful CV the technology in your work experience, be repetitive in regard to technology e.g.. C++ mentioned at the end of each project confirms that you have a lot of C++ experience, mention it just once and we assume you have just some C++ experience, this should be the same for all technology.

It's amazing how many times we talk to candidates that have the skills and technology that we seek but have not mentioned them on their CV's.

Be sure to achieve a balance in regard to a length of a CV if you have been working for a number of years then your CV length is expected to be longer than a recent graduates. A good CV length is 2 pages, but for an experienced developer we would expect to see 4 to 5 page CV's.

To assist the CV reader remember to summarise your technology and education on the front page, include a skills/personal profile. When summarising technology list in order of most experience e.g. C, C++ if you have 5 years of C you would put this first if you had say 2 years of C++

The design of a CV should be as simple as possible, for example most employers these days expect CV's by email which means that plain text is the only guaranteed format, using unique text formats/fonts/layouts/TABs etc. may be incompatible with the recipients software and they end up with an indecipherable mess (Never use Macro's these are associated with viruses and most will delete a document with Macro's without reading them [We do] )

Finally it is not a good idea to have spelling errors in a CV or covering letter use the spell checker that comes with the word processor, pay particular attention to technology because if you cannot spell it do you really have enough experience of it to add it to your CV.

example CV for a software design engineer or programmer
This is a real CV reproduced with the permission of the candidate
(NB: not updated since 2001 for privacy reasons)
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Present location:
Place of birth:
Preferred location:
Date Of Birth:
1 Month
Marital Status:
Driving licence
Car owner:
Present income:
£45,000 Package
Salary Sought:
£40K+ (Local)
+ Share Options
£50K+ (London)
BSc (Hon's) 2.1 Geology & Chemistry, (Keele University)
GCE 'A' Levels:
Chemistry (B), Physic(A), Mathematics (C)
GCE 'O' Levels:
Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Mathematics (B), History (C). Geography (C), French (C), German (C), Biology (D), Technical Drawing (D)
Elected Member of the British Computer Society MBCS
Chartered Engineer (Software Engineering) CEng

Languages & O/S:

Java (RMI, JDBC & Servlets), JavaScript, PERL, C/C++, CORBA, XML, Visual C++, Pascal, Fortran, ADA, Assembler (PDP 11), Command Languages, GKS; UNIX, AIX 3.2, SunOS, SOLARIS, DEC OSF, VMS, DOS 6.0, Quota II, CPM.



Sun Workstation, Sparc, RS6000, HP715-33/50, SGI, DEC ALPHA 3000, Vaxstation IBM PC and Compatibles, Vax 11/780,785,750; MicroVAX; PDP11, IBM 3800, Convex 120(Unix Super Computer), Ratheon Tempus, TRANSPUTERS.


Additional Software:

Visual Age for Java, Kawa, JBuilder, Orbix Web, Dynabase, XDesigner, OSF Motif/X-WINDOWS 4 & 5, Gupta SQL Windows, MS-Windows 3.1 SDK, Windows-NT, Teamwork, Excelerator; Yourdon, Framemaker, HTML. SYbase, Oracle PL/SQL, DB2. Access,

Aug 1999 to Date
New Media Design Company
Technical Director/Software Engineer (Permanent)
Responsible for managing a team of designers and developers who are producing Web sites using JSP, ASP, Java, Perl, Oracle, Sybase, JavaScript, XML, WML, PHP, C++, C and HTML for major clients. I am responsible for the design and execution of the development work as well as retaining a very hands-on involvement in the work its self.
One example of hands on development is for a major Financial Information Web site. Specifically the ISA purchase section of this site. Developed this site using an Oracle database connected to Perl CGI applications using a DBD/DBI library interface. The Web pages were generated from a set of "THTML" template pages that are translated into HTML using an in-house designed Perl based "THTML" parser.
Currently responsible for development and support of new clients, who are in the process of implementing a £100,000 facelift of their existing site, which includes a new associated site to be implemented by my team.
Also currently work part-time as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University. Teaching M301 "Software Systems and Their Development". The topics include Java programming, analysis and design of application software using UML (Unified Modelling Language), frameworks and patterns, and concurrency. I have been teaching this course since February 2000 and have found it both rewarding and educational.
May 1999 to Aug 1999
Services Company
Software Engineer (Contract)
Responsible for the design, development and implementation of Java SWING based GUI systems.
Apr 1997 to May 1999
Financial Investments Company
Software Engineer (Contract)
Responsible for the design, development and implementation of web based financial systems. I used a Sun Sparc 20 running SOLARIS 2.6 and a PC that "dual booted" WINDOWS 95 and NT 4.0. I produced JAVA (on PC and Solaris Platforms), C++ (on Solaris), Shell Script (CSH, KSH and Bourne Shell) and PERL CGI applications.
The web applications I developed included sections written in HTML4, XML, JavaScript and often include embedded JAVA Applets. The Growth Calculator (CORBA Orblet) and accompanying Web page are good examples of my work with Java applets and CORBA orblets. My non-applet Java design and development work involved developing specialist applications with or with out a GUI.
My later work was a Java FTP client that securely automates the FTP'ing of log files from outside the company firewall to an internal secure server. I have also worked on a trial Swing application that takes full advantage of the new platform independent widgets provided by the javax.swing JComponent class. This included using the very useful JTable class. I have also written a number of JAVA servlets, for the Netscape "SuiteSpot" Web server, to enhance the collection of Web statistics. The Web statistics are stored in an Informix database by collecting data using a Servlet and saving to the database using an RMI /JDBC Java application connected to one of my Servlets.
I also spent some of my time maintaining and developing the Company Disclosure Web site. This is a Financial product designed to allow an IFA to produce illustrations and key features documents for the companies PEPs, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts and Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds. I also developed a SYBASE OpenClient/OpenServer conduit application for Disclosure. This work involved a substantial amount of FIREWALL implementation and development with Sybase libraries..
I continued to develop CGI applications (in C, C++ and PERL) and HTML pages for the WebXpress and company access products. I also spent some time integrating these products with Business Objects produced with Orbix Web to CORBA standards. My last role was designing and developing applications for Web statistics based on net.Analysis and DynaBase
Mar 1996 to Mar 1997
Information Services Provider
Software Engineer (Contract)
Initially on a two month contract, It was renewed five times. My duties were Web development and Web infrastructure designer. I used UNIX (DEC Alpha Station 255,400 and a Sun Sparc 20 running OSF1 and SOLARIS 2.5 respectively) and WINDOWS NT 4.0 machines. I produced code and web pages in HTML, PERL, JavaScript and JAVA. Most of my time was spent running and developing the Company Annual Reports Web Site.
I integrated new software with "off the shelf" software like the Harvest Search Engine and Various Netscape Web Servers. My last work was on IDC and the WebSql ODBC, which generated Active HTML Web pages from a Microsoft Access Database using ASP format.
Dec 1995 to Mar 1996
Multi Media Development
Software Engineer (Contract)
Develop multi-media presentations and multi-media software. This work included the development of a WEB site from scratch and integration of my own code with Multi-media Director and other multi-media development products. I used several languages and development systems - including Java 1.0, PERL, VISUAL C++, BOURNE SHELL, AWK, and Fox Pro RDBMS systems. I designed a system to make the creation and update of a WEB SITE semi-automatic. My multi-media activities involved the formatting of .wav and .avi files and the generation of all code required for a multi-media presentation.
May 1995 to Nov 1995
Oil Exploration Company
Senior Software Engineer (Permanent)
Brought in to set up and design Test Software and QA procedures for the companies in house projects, currently responsible for porting existing Go to Links to AIX/SGI-IRIX and DG-UX environments involving X11, Motif and 'C' software development and using the Motif 4GL product TeleUSE and Imake compilation tools.
Development of an on-line multimedia application using HTML and Framemaker document creation tools. Maintenance of existing code and the development of format transcription software. Also responsible for defining customer requirements involving communication with customer using E-MAIL via CCMAIL and purifying for memory leak detection etc
Apr 1992 to May 1995
Graphics Company
Technical Consultant & Project Leader (Permanent)
Responsible for the original specification, design/analysis and coding for 2D & 3D Image Processing and Visualisation (Rendering) Software for Medical and Geophysical Applications.
Major responsibility for the design and development of Data Conversion software for Signal and Image Processing, the modification of UNIX Device Drivers for Printers and other Peripheral Equipment. The porting of software across a range of platforms running UNIX variants.
Within the last year increasing involvement in direct Technical Support to clients in Europe and the USA including on site software design and coding, modification of systems to suit the clients application or integration of Fairfield software into clients systems. Responsible for Training and Pre-Sales Support at clients premises and Trade exhibitions in the UK and Overseas.
All the above software written in C & C++, OSF/Motif 2.1 and X-Windows on the RS6000 running AIX 3.2 or Sun Sparcstation/ HP Apollo 715-50/33 running SunOS and UNIX respectively. Also C/C++ and MS-Windows 3.X SDK/Windows-NT.
Nov 1990 to Apr 1992
Oil Company
Lead Programmer (Group Engineer)(Permanent)
As the Senior Engineer responsible for the Design and Development of a Major Software Project to Automate Ships Cargo Stowage Systems including Communications link via Modem to Port Authorities.
Development included the design of the Graphics User Interface, Graphics for the modelling (Requiring Animation) of a Ships cargo and hold, Data Handling and Batch Processing software and the design of a Database to hold both the Ship and Cargo information.
Software written using Yourdon design methods in 'C' V6.0 running under DOS the target hardware being compatible 80386 laptops. With the GUI written using Microsoft's Windows SDK V3.0 and Gupta SQL Windows in the design of the Database.
Other responsibilities include Managing the project, Consulting with/and giving Demonstrations to Clients, supervising the work of other programmers including training juniors in software design using Microsoft Windows and 'C'.
Jul 1990 to Nov 1990
Systems House Ltd
Senior Software Engineer(Permanent)
Working on a variety of software projects with major effort in the design of a Telecommunications Control System for Commercial Air Traffic Control. Majority of Software written in 'C' on a PC Compatible running DOS, program of 10,000 lines of structured code using the Yourdon design methodology.
In addition designed the User Interface for a Telecommunications System using a Touch Screen with software written in C on a PC running UNIX and using OSF Motif (Library) and X-Windows.
Feb 1989 to Jul 1990
Large Systems House Ltd
Prototype Leader(Permanent)
Responsible for the design of a project to develop a rapid software prototyping system using Case tools and Object Orientated Design methods. Involving Excelerator 1.8, Teamwork, C++ and OSF Motif/X-Windows for the Graphical Interface.
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