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Employers can use this page to preview cv details posted by software engineers, programmers, consultants, support professionals etc. directly to our website. Candidates can securely post their CV's to us using a password and firewall protected database. Candidates please make sure you review our privacy statement and example entry before submitting your CV to the online database.

CV Database is now closed for New Submissions and Search is disabled - speak to us or send your CV to us directly please.
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Several candidates so far this year posting your CV details online can secure you that jobsecured their NEW jobs directly from posting their CV details onto our online database where NEW companies actively seeking employees identified them and requested their CV's. See this page for instructions on how to post your cv online. Posting your CV here guarantees that we look at your details first before any others when new jobs come in.

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Your personal details and CV Description are password protected and not viewable except by authorised nsik staff and by yourself by entering your unique user name and password.

To see an example entry please see below. This is how your details are viewable online, your full CV Details are only available to ash associates authorised staff. Please avoid adding extra personal details in viewable fields eg. Telephone numbers or email addresses in Name fields etc. In addition if you wish to prevent your real name from being viewed online please substitute an alias/pseudonym.

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example entry
Ref Number 1008697850
Name/Alias John
Job Type Permanent
Availability 3 weeks - 1 month notice
Job Title Senior Software Engineer
Main Skills Mobile Telecom's (2 years/Current), Real Time Command & Control Systems ( 5 years), C/C++(10 years/Current), Java(2 years Current), JavaScript(2 years/Current), (C/Embedded 5 years), Delphi (1 year), Pascal (3 years), Unix (10 years/Current), Windows 3.X to XP (12 years)
Total Experience (Years) 10 years commercial, 2 years academic & Research
Nationality British
Salary Now £40K + Bonus
Salary Sought £41K+
Location Sought Commutable or relocate London/South East
Email us for more details on this candidate:
Remember to include the reference number and candidates name in your email.

example CV

Looking for an example CV using our preferred and proven layout for real time software engineers and programmers. Over the years we have refined this format to provide our clients with the information they need. example CV

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