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Software Engineering jobs - Information for Candidates - C/C++ C# .NET and Java jobs for programmers and software developers. Employment agency ash associates have employers across the UK covering South West, South and South East of England including Central and Greater London. James Hunt & Ron Cook are senior consultants for all IT Employment are also highly qualified engineers with industry experience in software/hardware design combined with over 20 years in recruitment for the high technology software engineering industry.

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our UK it jobs & working with you
  our UK IT vacancies & working with youWe will have a good idea of what you are looking for and we will do our very best to find the right position for you. We are interested in your career development and take pride in assisting Software professionals to achieve their career aims.
Although we cannot promise to work on the behalf of every potential candidate that contacts us we do promise to work untiringly for all those candidates that we do take on until we have successfully found you the right position or you ask us to stop. Unfortunately we are generally unable to assist candidates not currently living in the UK.

highly skilled database
  Highly experienced? at the top of the skills list? get yourself added to our highly skilled database which includes some of the best qualified and most highly skilled software engineers in the UK. When a new vacancy comes in we look here first before we advertise or look elsewhere. Get head hunted for some of the best IT jobs in the UK. CV's Online

  We will ensure your confidentiality in all communications with both yourself and with our clients. We will never release personal contact details to a third party without your permission.

cv's and interviews
  1. We do not send out copies of your CV to clients speculatively, we only put you forward for real vacancies posted with us by our clients.
  2. We will use your full CV Details without alteration except to our format (But be prepared as we might ask you to supplement/expand upon your skills and experience)
  3. We always match the job to your requirements.
  4. You can be sure that any interview we arrange will be of mutual interest to both YOU and the client.
  5.Ask us for Career advice we are here to help
  6. CV's submitted online are secured behind a Firewall and are protected by a user name and password chosen by you. Only a summary is viewable which excludes your Full CV and Contact Details. Add your details to the Online CV Database as many of our current and future employers look here first for new employees.

send us your cv details
  Finally remember to submit your CV Details both online and to forward a copy by email ( Word document attachment preferred ). Many of our clients ( Many are Technical Managers and Directors ) like to browse our CV Database for potential employees while projects are at an early stage. So to be considered for these positions we recommend that your CV really needs to be online.


example CV


Looking for an example CV one of the most popular pages on our whole site. This example CV uses our preferred and proven layout for real time software engineers and programmers. Over the years we have refined this format to provide our clients with the information they need and has been proven to be successful time and time again with a success rate of virtually 100% for securing an interview. example CV

please read our email policy statement
  email policy statement this is important as our spam filter may have prevented your CV from reaching us. For example a site offering Free email may add advertising to your email which our filter interprets as SPAM eg. Free Holidays or you are a Winner etc.

graduate recruitment

Graduate recruitment has started off very slowly this year but there are jobs to be had for those who have completed a four year degree course with a years industrial. Of real interest is skills in mobile telecom's Networks or graphics but any low level design experience is of interest. contact us for more information

data protection act 1998 is data protection registered. registration number Z6102866

applying for our jobs

anyone can apply for our jobs regardless of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic origin the only exceptions are those governed by rules, regulations and laws stipulated by the UK Government including work permit restrictions. Some advertisements currently circulating the internet and outside of our control indicating a minimum level of experience or other age related guidelines no longer apply and are open to all individuals regardless of age.

this web page updated

Wednesday 11th May 2011

IT consultants
  We have increased our involvement in the search and selection of Senior IT Consultants for Government and Public Sector jobs with high profile and expanding Consultancies as they move into high technology and web systems development. We have also begun a limited return to the contract market for these positions.

job getting on top of you

job getting on top of you? time for a change of job? contact us about our UK IT jobs

time for a change? let us help you

work permits

We are currently unable to assist overseas candidates currently not already in the UK or without the right to work in the UK. The only exceptions to this will be shown on our adverts by indicating that work permit sponsorship is available. UK Government website link for working within the UK

online CV posting

At least 3 candidates within the last few months secured their NEW jobs from posting their CV details onto our online database where companies identified them and requested their details. See CV Search pages for details on how to send us your cv and how to put your cv online or click here for more info

Reward £500 to £1000

We pay commission to you our candidate for your personal recommendations, if we place another software engineer from your recommendation we will pay you a commission for your introduction, typically between £500 and £1000..

So if you know someone who you think will be ideally suited for one of our advertised positions or who will be of interest to us and they subsequently contact us, (make sure they inform us at the initial contact that you have recommended them) we will then confirm your introduction. Please note we will not discuss the details of any of the candidates job search but we will inform you when we have successfully placed them and your eligibility for commission.

Now for the small print:- We will pay the introduction fee to you the introducer only after the client has paid the invoice and the candidate has completed the initial first 3 months of employment, satisfied the client of their suitability for the position and confirmed their ongoing employment.

Under no circumstances will a fee be paid directly to any candidate as an incentive to accept a position with any of our clients.

Congratulations to Mr M of Hampshire who receives £600 for introducing a successful candidate.

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